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Leaving the vessel

Inside the vessel

  • Pickle the watermaker and remove filter if leaving the boat for longer than a week
  • Open saloon bunks for ventilation
  • Open v-berth bunks for ventilation
  • Close and lock front hatch
  • Close bathroom seacock
  • Close galley sink seacock
  • Close motor seacock
  • Install frost guard (if needed)
  • Install dehumidifier (if on shore power)
  • Check bilge water level
  • Empty fridge and all perishables
  • Take out trash
  • Shut down all other DC circuits except for Computer and Navigation Instruments
  • Shut down inverter

On deck

  • Pump bilge empty (if needed)
  • Close and lock companionway washboards
  • Ensure shore power cable is connected if using frost guard or dehumidifier
  • Ensure all shore lines are well tied and not chafing