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After sailing

On deck

  • Stop the engine
  • Inflate and install fenders as needed
  • Switch slip lines to tied shore lines. Keep slip lines as (loose) backup if needed
  • Ensure adequate distance from pier by pulling the boat
  • Add chafe guards to lines as needed
  • Tie tiller to the pushpit
  • Lower and stow flag
  • Stow boathooks
  • Stow Parasailor
  • Stow staysail
  • Install mainsail sun cover
  • Tie safety strap around the rolled genoa
  • Detach and stow genoa sheets (except if anchored)
  • Hoist "silencer fender" up the mast
  • Install and tighten inner forestay
  • Coil and stow all lines
  • Plug in shore power if using
  • Deploy FLINsail unless on shore power or the winds are too strong
  • Tie main halyard to lazyjacks unless used for FLINsail
  • Deploy bathing ladder
  • If cold or rainy weather is expected, set up the cockpit enclosure
  • Deploy winch covers
  • Set instruments on sleep mode and deploy covers
  • Turn VHF off and stow Commandmic
  • Remove chartplotter tablet
  • Open diesel heater exhaust cover
  • Remove safety knives if in a port with public access

Inside the vessel

  • Turn chartplotter tablet charging off
  • Turn navigational lights off
  • Disable InReach tracking (if using)
  • Open front hatch for ventilation
  • Open heads seacock
  • Install engine frost guard (if needed)
  • Install and run dehumidifier (if needed)