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Lille Ø has an onboard NMEA 2000 bus as well as a TCP/IP network.


The boat has two networks:

  • Lille Ø, a 5GHz network for computers and other regular consumers
  • Lille Oe, a 2.4GHz network for Internet-of-Things devices

Both of these networks are served by the RUTX11 on-board router.

The RUTX11 also provides the boat's primary Internet uplink via LTE. The device has two SIM slots, one for our German SIM and another for a local data SIM when traveling.

Administrative interface for the router can be found in

The Starlink antenna ("Dishy v2") is mounted on the pushpit with a NOA bracket. The cable runs through the lazarette and starboard storage locker. It is powered with a Yaosheng PoE injector.

Starlink can be controlled using the switch in the electrical panel. In a sea state it may take up to 30 minutes for the dishy to acquire an interner connection. Starlink consumes about 50W of power.

Our RUTX11 is configured to use Starlink for uplink when available, and use the two LTE SIMs as fallback.

NMEA 2000

The boat's NMEA 2000 (N2K) backbone runs from bow to the technical compartment. The bus contains the following devices:


Technical compartment


Rebooting NMEA2000

The Triton2 instruments become occasionally unresponsive after running for a longer time (typically multiple weeks). The solution is to restart them. Easiest option is by rebooting the entire N2K bus.

  • Turn Navigation Instruments circuit off
  • Wait 10 seconds and turn the circuit back on
  • Raspberry Pi needs to refresh the CAN interface to see NMEA2000 data. Either reboot it, or preferably:
    • SSH to the RPi ssh pi@lille-oe-pi.local
    • Run sudo ifdown can0
    • Run sudo ifup can0


The boat is equipped with a Raymarine ST4000+ tiller pilot. The fluxgate compass is inside the cabin next to the saloon forward bulkhead. Autopilot course computer is in the cockpit near the companionway.

The autopilot can be set to steer a compass course or a wind angle.

In addition to the course computer, the autopilot can also be controlled remotely via Signal K.

Remote monitoring

The state of boat systems is continuously logged to multiple online services, and can be remotely monitored via:

This is handled by the combination of a Victron Cerbo GX system and Signal K.